Here's another comic. Who doesn't like cookies, right? This comic was inspired by a kid's birthday party I went to. I saw a big plate of cookies and noticed a little girl about four years old looking them over. Her name was Chloe. I leaned over and touched one of the cookies and said to her “this cookie just said to you: 'Pick Me!” Then I pretended to not look at her anymore, but I was still watching out of the corner of my eye. Chloe then picked up the exact cookie I touched and ate it, hehehe. I just had to make a comic out of that.
4/5/2010 19:37:53

Pick me Pick me Pick me! Thats the problem with cookies they talk to much and entice your to eat lots and lots of them. They are only happy when they are resting comfortably on your hips. :) Nice work! Made me smile!

4/17/2010 17:51:01

I know! The cookies just tell you to eat more and more! I love these comics. I have to get gimp and inkscape. I used to have them, but my computer doesn't go as fast as it used to.


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