I love scary movies. I figured stuffed animals would not, so this is my take on stuffed animals watching a scary movie. There is a painting in the background of this comic. It hangs on the wall at Steve and Dave's house, two good friends of mine. I have looked at this abstract painting for years, and I just like how blue it is. One night I was over at Steve and Dave's and I got to meet Don, the artist who painted it. Don's a very cool guy. I asked him if I could put the picture in a Plumpyboingalot comic and he said yes! He even has a website with lots of art that he does.

You can see Don's art here: http://www.donpatronarts.com/default.htm

So go look at it, you!
5/24/2010 14:26:21

Wow, Steve and Dave sound like really cool guys too . . .


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